Domestic Flights Can Be Allowed After May 17th


As per fresh reports coming in, the Government is planning to start the commercial flight services as soon as May 17. 

Previously, the news was that airlines will be restarting their operations from June 1, and the bookings would commence from May 16. 

The Government of India is discussing the possibilities with airlines as to start the scheduled commercial flight services after the lockdown. The plan is to start the commercial flights as soon as by May 17. 

It was only last week when a senior aviation ministry official revealed that airlines will be restarting their operations by the first week of June and that the bookings for these would start by May 16th. However, this plan was only announced for domestic services, and there was nothing spoken about restarting international operations. 

Social Distancing Be Maintained; Find Out How!

One major difficulty that the government and the airlines will be facing is to maintain the social distancing that is recommended to restrict the spread of the coronavirus diseases. The uncontrollable spread of the disease is what suspended all the modes of transport in the first place.

As per reports, the Airlines and the Ministry are developing a plan to resume flights in a manner such that there are no compromises to the health and security as well. 

Airlines have suggested that customers should occupy every alternate seat in the flights. Keeping one seat vacant will help maintain social distancing so that people don’t come in contact with the other passengers, and help them protect themselves from being infected with the harmful virus.


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