My Amritsar Diary: A Journey to Visit Golden Temple

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Amritsar has been the centre of sikh religion for the years togather. Every year thousands of tourists including the pligrames from all across the world visit this city and enjoy the best of food, hospitality and the sacredness of golden temple.

Recently i visited the city and the experience was altogather wonderful. My aim this time was to travel under budged as i have set a goal to visit #12months12cities and under this series this was the first city i visited.

For the detailed Travlog please visit my youtube channel and watch the videos on #Amritsar Travlog. Here is the link of first Episode on the series.

So, i started my travel from New Delhi. Train was the most convinient and budget friendly way to commute to the city of Golden Temple. It costed me INR 160 for a general coach which i upgraded to sleeper coach later by providing extra INR 100.

Usually, this thing happens when you board into a connecting train and i have seen many people travel like this but it carries a bit of risk that may be there would be not seat vacent than you may have to travel standing for the entire trip. But if you are on adventure than if everything goes smooth it has no fun.

Further, if you are planing the trip in advance you can definitly book the tickets in advance which would assure your reservation.

Well, after managing to upgrad to sleeper coach now rest of the travel was quite smooth and entertaining.

I reached Amritsar Junction which is the nearest railway station to Golden Temple early in the morning. As these days its winter time so there is definltly a need to have a blancket. A small blancket which is easy to carry.

Once you reach to the Amritsar you will find its aura in the air. All across most of the people wearing turbans which is what almost every person following Sikism follwows and more importantly the language would change.

People in Punjab speak Punjabi which is very soothing and good to hear language. If you understand hindi you would definitly understand most of the Punjabi conversations but not easy to talk in the same language. Even people would definitly understand your Hindi as well.

One more think you would reaslise is that most of the people would be religious abiding and many elderly would be chanting the rhyms from the Guru Granth Sahib, the religious book in Sikhism.

From the railway station either you can take a texi, shared auto or the free. I took the bus which was not quite filled as its was 3 AM. The bus runs for the entirs day and takes people from railway station to Golden Temple and vic-versa.

New Delhi Railway Station / Ahmad Mukhtiyar / SilkRouteTraveller

It took me around 20 minutes to reach Golden Temple also know as The Harmandir Sahib. Being the most revered sipritual sites in Sikhism hundreds of sikhs were already there absorbed in prayers, reciting verses from the Granth Sahib, the religious scriptures of Sikhism.

The area was all luminated in lights and the Golden Temple definitly watching this time is specetacular. People from all walks of life could be seen coming to visit this great Gurudwara of Sikhims.

The temple which is also know as Darbar Sahib was founded in 1577 by the fourth sikh guru, Guru Ram Das the fifth.

Illuminating scene of Golden Temple / Ahmad Mukhtiyar / SilkRouteTraveller

The building of the temple started back in 1581, Guru Arjan planned the temple to be at a level lower than the city to emphasis humility before entring the premises. Also, kept the compond open on all sides to symbolise that it was opn to all.

The temple was blowen up in 1962. Later the temple was renovated and rebuild with marble and gold. One would definitly get facinated with its build and the sactity.

Golden Temple is definitly a place to observe the peace and tranquality. Being a backpacker i would definitly suggest all the travel lovers to visit this grand and specail Gurudwara at least once.

Memories you live throughout your life / Ahmad Mukhtiyar / SilkRouteTraveller

Already thousands of travellers from all across the world vist this temple every year. There is a free Langer served to all the people belonging to any religion and every day about 3000 people are being served food for free.
The premises and the adjoining areas are bein well maintained and the area is definitly the cleanest place across the city.



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