How to Spend 24 Hours in London

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London, the capital city of the United Kingdom with history stretching back to Roman times has a lot of things in offering for its visitors across the world. London is the living city for travelers.

Busy streets, crowded malls and nightlife is altogether amazing in this city. One would never get bored in the city of Big Smoke. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or just arrived in town, our city checklist will help you hunt out hidden gems.

Best things to do in London

London is filled with the things one could engage in to make his tour memorable for his life. Starting from Westminster a political hub of London and Houses of Parliament, then Camden a well known cultural neighbour in North London. To amuse yourself in the London Eye and dive into the hottest nightlife spots in Shoreditch.

Take a cruise in Thames River.

Enjoy the wall art at Brick Lane

Dive into London’s Chinatown around Gerrard Street

Be glittered with bright lights and big electronic screens at Piccadilly Circus

Best Museums in London

The city have many museums to dive into the history and culture of the city. One would be thrilled to find the great architect of these historical buildings and the centuries old artifacts. Start with the Natural History Museum and pose for a photo with the infamous Diplodocus skeleton in the main hall. Explore the museum and find ancient fossils and stuffed animals including a dodo replica. Afterwards, go to the Science Museum next door for hands-on activities and to investigate scientific progress throughout the ages. A short stroll to the Victoria and Albert.

Museum (V&A) will shift focus to cultural history.

The V&A Museum has artwork on show alongside fashion and living tools from around the

world. Here you will find art students diligently sketching the classical statues and ironwork.

Finally, pay a visit to the British Museum where you can see the Rosetta Stone, mummified remains and explore centuries of archaeological discoveries.

Best places to eat and drink in London:

Food is always a top priority of every traveller and if you are a foodies you would certainly love the culinary this city offers to its visitors. One can go to chippy for fish and chip shop or have tea at Harrods. But the best way to dive deep into the eclectic culinary would be the London food tour. This would be a perfect way to have a taste of local life.

Maltby Street Market

Wolseley the historic and over the top grand café

the French House should: legendary Soho pub

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24 Hours in London:

London is a pretty epic city to explore, especially if you’re visiting for a whole 24 hours! There’s no doubt that time will be short and schedules tight but there really is an incredible heap of things you can see and do… all within a short period of time. With a whole 24 hours, you’ll have a chance to eat at some pretty lovely restaurants, discover some of the cities best art and grab one of the best shakes in all of London Town.


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