Plate an Omelet: A special Meal by Sardarji Omelet wale

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We often take omelet either in our breakfast or as a go on meal. Many of us might have tasted so many street omelets, but Sarjarji Omlet wale is surely a special one. Besides being famous for his delicious omelet he is also know for the hygiene he has maintained despite selling on a footpath.

Balbir Singh, famously known as Sarjarji Omelet Wale lost his entire family, but the only think he kept alive is his dedication towards life. Living under a small makeshift house under the Pragati Maidan metro station in Delhi and selling omelettes just out side his house.

Balbir Singh, famously known as Sarjarji Omelet Wale

One can find him in this house which having a small bed and a small place to make preparations for his deliciously cooked omelet.

Sarjarji starts preparing his place just before the evening. Once the his stall is ready with all preparing material people stat to throng to his place. One can find a good number of people waiting to taste a special omelet by the elderly hands of Balbir Singh.

Sarjarji starts preparing his

Before he ventured into the Omelet making he used to make punctures at the same place. He has been living there for about more than fifty years now.

Deep in sorrow, struggling with his life but never give-up is what Sarjarji inspires us for. Despite being old he would do all his work by himself. After waking up in the morning and fretting himself. He would go to make to buy all the groceries. In noon he would start preparing his material and start installing his stall before evening.

Ready to serve you a meal

Once the stall is ready he would all be busy in serving his customers. Omelet by Sarjarji is definitely a must try when it comes to Delhi street food. If you have it once you would definitely love to have it again and again.


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