6 Tips to Boost Your Smart Phone Photography

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In the current times when almost every one owns a smart phone and this has give you a power to shoot, edit and share your photographs instantly. But surely wherever you travel you want to have the best of the moments and scenes captured in the best possible manner.

I have been a photographer from last more than 6 years now and have been into the travel industry for about 4 years. In this blog I am sharing with you simple ways to make your smart phone photography more professional.

Make A Time Schedule

First things first, in photography timing is most important aspect in the photography. It plays important role in what kind of photographs you would be able to capture. In the photography language there are golden times (early morning while sun rises and in the evening times till the sun set) when the light is so soothing and colours remind vibrant as if nature come to romantic mood.

Theres golden hours allow you to put your creativity at its best. It allows you to create an appealing silhouettes and longer shadows. During these time even at the popular tourist sites you will likely find it less crowded and take advantage of the empty landscape and move around, exploring different perspectives.  

Know the Best Camera of Your Smart Phone

Usually when people reach to any tourist place they immediately start taking selfies, because we want to let our friends know where we are and how we feel. But most of the smart phones don’t come with much wider selfie cameras. So, the front camera come with best quality camera and one should use that camera to take best photographs of the place.

Never Zoom

Some times we are at a place which does not give us a perfect shot of the place we want and we try to focus to make the better shots. But, the smart camera does not come with optical zoom. So, you are actually stretching the photographs electronically which makes the photo quality quite low. Try to go close to the objects rather zooming in.

Never Miss Focus

We often spend time in taking best of the shots from our travel and are disappointed when back home because most the pictures are out of focus. So, make sure you give enough time to your smart phone to lock the focus and take the picture.

Know Rules to Break

There are some of the basic rules in photographs which makes your photographs attracting to your eyes. One such rule is called as rule of thirds. So try to follow that but when it comes to your own creativity then there is no limitation. In this rule we draw the lines on the screen and in some smart phones come with the option and try to keep the object either left or right side of the intersecting lines.

Further, try to use the wide perspective when it comes to landscape and keep most of the area in your photographs. Come close to your object when you want to take a portrait.

Use Burst Mode

While on a travel sometimes you come across a moment which just needs fractions of seconds to capture. So keep the bust mode on and yourself ready to capture that moment. Most of the smart phones have a burst mode but we hardly use. So, lets us that on the coming trip of ours.

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