5 Most Crowded Cities in the World to Get Lost!

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Many people try to escape the crowded places when travelling. However many a time, it becomes impossible to find a tourist places which is not crowded, as those attractions are the same for every one visiting the place. Many tourists plan a vacation just to get away from it all and relax on a deserted beach or hike in an endless forest. But it’s different for me. I love to visit crowded places. Visiting crowded cities give you a chance to experience some real big city life, complete with amazing museums, cultural icons and culinary sensations.

That is why today I will be taking you to the five most crowded cities in the world, so let’s jump into it

New York, USA

Time Square, New York

The city with more than 19 million residents and so much to offer is the city of New York in USA that tops the list. The city remains all the time alive. Busy streets, crowded malls full of energy to take you away. The nightlife is altogether amazing in this city. But in case you still want to go to less crowded places in the city than you can take a bus to Brooklyn. There you will find wooded parks, museums, trendy restaurants and much more. 

Cairo, Egypt

City of Pyramids

One of the loved, jam-packed and home to more than 19 million inhabitants is the city of Cairo in Egypt. This city has always been on many traveller’s bucket-lists. The city is the gateway of  an epic African adventure. Famous for its wonder of the world the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Besides the crowded pyramids one can choose more colossal Egyptian Museum which remains comparatively less crowded. Here one can find thousands of artefacts from ancient Egypt to dive deep into the Egyptians history and culture. The city remains mostly packed so to see many other Cairo’s beautiful places its advised to take a felucca (sailboat) down the Nile, the longest river in the world. So, sit back, enjoy the breeze and take in the wonders of Cairo.

Beijing, China

Temple of Heaven

The third city which has been on the fast track of development is the city of Beijing in China. With population more than 21.5 million Beijing has the largest palace and largest public square in the world like Tiananmen Square and never to forget the Great Wall of China. 

In many cases, it is almost impossible to avoid crowds at famous tourist places, but if you leave early, you will have a better chance to see the Great Wall. Further you can move towards “The Museum of Royal Gardens” to enjoy serene lakes, beautiful gardens and of course the palace.

Mumbai, India

View from the seaside

The next city in the list is Mumbai in India. Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. It has been running on a fast track of development. Many people migrate from other parts of the country to Mumbai with big dreams in their eyes. This massive city of 21.4 million residents is one of the cheapest places to live in the world. 

Once you step out of your hotel and hit the streets, you can quickly feel trapped in the inescapable crowds. However, if you do a bit of planning, there are ways you can get away from the tourist crowds and enjoy the famous sights of the city. The city has many attractions for the visitors like the famous Hotel Taj, Gateway of India, fabulous beaches, Haji Ali Dargah and many more places to explore. 

Tokyo, Japan

Crowded street of Tokyo

The final city in the list is Tokyo in Japan. Tokyo is all about crow. Every street remains so energetic that one can definitely get lost in this glamorous city. The city with a population of 38.1 million looks like the sea of people flowing on its streets. You may try to avoid the crowd but be noted that every other tourist around you has the same idea and are visiting the exact same site as you. 

So, don’t avoid the crowd in the cities but enjoy its aura and be the part of what the residents live every day. 


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