5 Cleanest Cities Around the World

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It’s the every countries phenomenon to make its cities attractive to more tourists and visits by making the city clean. It’s certainly one of the USP’s of the country to sell to the world of tourists to come and enjoy the cleanest environment. But not every city in the world is so clean which would take your heart out in happiness.

Here in this blog I am quoting 5 such cities in the work which are definitely know for their cleanliness and are surely paving the way for future.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Spectacle scene of Reykjavik city

With most of the cities energy requirements come form the renewable energy which makes the cities air clean and one can certainly feel the difference in the air you breath. Particularly when you come from a city which has high pollution and carbon emission. This Iceland’s coastal capital with population of just 123,000 has certainly made its position at the top of being cleanest city in the world.

Vancouver, Canada

Cities own reflection

The city of Vancouver despite being the populous city of Canada has maintained a mantle of greenery. The city remains surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers, and uses its renewable resources specifically hydropower for its energy needs has maintained its good air quality which is the reason the city being the one of the top cleanest cities in the world.

Cape Town, South Africa

Arial View of Cape Town

Cape Town is know for its long coastal lines, great nature preserves and very efficient transportation which is why its considered as the most eco-friendly cities of South Africa. The initiatives for sustainable development program by the city like use solar power and renewable energy has definitely made this city as one among the top cleanest cities around the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Spectacle cityscape of Copenhagen city

Denmark well know for its splendid architect and design. It is a home to beautiful natural public space and gorgeously structured streets. People in the city are keeping the city clean by either taking walk or using cycle to commute short distances.

Portland, Oregon

River side view of the city

This city is ranked as the greatest city in the United States. It’s by nature the people of this city keep things around them clean. People use bicycle to commute to their office and places of work. Even the visitors to this city also love to visit the nearest attractions on cycle. This behaviour of people has make this city one of the cleanest cities around the world.

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