Sahar Khaan: The Midnight Sun of Kashmir

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The tradition which is thousands of years old and people in this modern age still have kept it live. It’s about the tradition of Sahar Khaan in Kashmir. This is a centuries old tradition which people in Kashmir believe has no successor.

During the month of Ramadan a man called as Sahar Khaan awakes the people by calling them for the pre dawn meals called as Sahur. In almost every locality there is one person who would either beat the drum to awake the people.

This tradition is very close to the local people and they have kept it like despite of having all the modern equipments like mobile phones which can awake you at the exact time you set the alarm. But the call of Sahar Khaan is altogether a different experience and when the Sahar is Mohammad Yousuf.

Yousuf, 54 has been performing his duty as Sahar Khan from last 20 years in every ramadan. He has his drum and khartal. He feels pride in awaking people for Suhur.

Yousuf beats drum and plays Khartal gives the call as in Kashmiri as waqtai saha (its time for Sahur – pre dawn means). The unique part of Yousuf remains that, he sings Kashmiri Sufyana songs while moving across his locality.

Yousuf wakes up quite early in the morning and makes sure that all the people in his locality are awake to have their Sahur. He is certainly the midnight sun of Kashmir.


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