4 Travel Locations to Relive the Game Of Thrones

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The game of thrones last season is already out and its last episode is aired this Sunday. For those who want to relive the GOT in their real lives here we have got the four locations around the world where some of the most memorable scenes were shot.

Northern Ireland
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The GOT’s indoor scenes were shot in Ireland where as the countries iconic scenery and scenic views were also fully utilised in the required scenes. The Larne Lough turned to be the iconic shots of Castle Black, whereas a small town of Moneyglass in the Northern Ireland acted as the Wall.

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It all started from the Spain’s Basque region which served as the Dragonstone stand-in for the Targaryens’ home in the earlier season. However, in the season eight the most iconic scenes remains the Dragonpit. It was filmed in Seville, at the Italica Amphitheatre of Santiponce in Spain.

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In the game of thrones the battle is all about the Kings Landing and the iron throne. This iconic Kings landing was shoot in the city of city of Dubrovnik in Croatian coast. This place is important not for the last season but for the entire season and for fans its would definitely be an over all reliving the series.

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The fourth and the one among the important countries for the series lover can be Iceland. The winter in the series was shown with the utmost danger and other worldly landscapes in the series was from the country of Ireland. Remembering the White Walkers stalking through desolate snowy plains, yes its the same in this wonderful country of Icelands. If you are scared of the scenes you can also visit the same place in summers.


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