6 Places To Plan Your Travel This Winter

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Winters have arrived again, its time to pack your bags for a long wintery vacations. Many a times its difficult to choose a place to travel during these chilly times. But don’t worry we make you to make a better choice for your memorable winter travel. Here is our picks for where to travel in this Winters.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands can be the first choice to travel this winter. As the peak season is coming to an end and this could be the good time to snag a bargain. During this time Cuba’s beaches can turn to be a perfect complimentary to atmospheric Havana. It would be great time to explore the historic mansions, delightful squares and never to forget the famous vintage automobiles. The Caribbean has taken leaps in making the food delicious. So be sure to book a table and enjoy some delicious Cuban style home cooked food.

The Caribbean special vintage care ride is a great fun / ferrarivermelho.blogspot.com / SilkRouteTraveller


The autonomous regions of Andalusia bordering with Spain is a great place with enormous rivers, hills and farmlands to make your travel a memory. Although, much of Western Europe is firmly in the grip of autumn by November, mild temperatures are still the norm in much of Andalusia. In this gorgeous city there are many fortresses, churches and other attractions to welcome you. You can take a dive into the history of the city but not into the sea as the temperatures aren’t often warm enough to swim. You can surely enjoy the region’s many sandy beaches.

The great palaces of Andalusia makes it the tourist attraction year round / Twitter / SilkRouteTraveller

Cape Town

Cape Town my favourite and surely the heart throbbing capital city of South Africa is the charm for winter travellers. Winter remains less crowded and a good chance to get all your accommodation at discounted rates. But advisable to pre-book for Robben Island as people throng to this Mandela’s cell year round. The temperature remains mild which makes this time the weather’s perfect for city sightseeing.

The arial view of the capital city of Cape Town / BookMundi / SilkRouteTraveller


In the Arabian peninsula its always Dubai, but our pick this time is the marvlous Oman. Not very easy during summers but in winters the temperature remains regularly at 86°F (30°C). The capital Muscat makes the travellers to relive the life with full of energy. The culture is very close to that of Dubai but its oldest hilltop forts tell us the long history of the country. The country has some of the worlds best beaches to roam around and not to forget to go on a boat ride to spot dolphins. The best experience of all would be dune bashing tour in a 4×4 and experience the fun of the Omani desert.

Oman is the great place to visit in the Arabian Peninsula / Travelzoo / SilkRouteTraveller


Often seen an iconic autumn photograph of Honen-in Temple’s moss-covered roof gate in Japan. Now its time to capture the same through your lens. This is the time when such screen is quite the favourite in Japan. So, for this winter Japan is the another pick for you. Travel to this garland of temples on earth and enjoy city’s many temple gardens which are locals favourite. During these months from November the city changes it colours to reds, oranges and golds.

Colourful Japan / Iceland Photo Tours / SilkRouteTraveller

New Zealand

Finally the last pick for this years winter can be the land of Kivi’s New Zealand. The country where the November marks late spring, falling leaves and welcomes the new blossoms. The country is famous for the hot water beaches which make it the place for natural hot tubs. This country is truly one of the worlds paradise. From glorious Milford Sound to serene Lake Wanaka, the scenic views are truly spectacular.

The fun loving country / Backpacker Guide NZ / SilkRouteTraveller

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