Shanghai: The Glamorous city of China | Edition 2

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Ahmad Mukhtiyar / SilkRouteTraveller

Shanghai is home to the second tallest tower in the world and is a city that evokes excitement. The ambience is always glamorous but beyond its famous sky-scrapers, it has a treasure of modern and old architecture, old market places and many other spots to dine and shop.

Food is the binding force in Shanghai. To get acquainted with the culture of the city you can catch up with friends, have a business deal and make some good moments on a meal.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai was once a fishing village known as Hudu. The name was derived from a wooden fish trap once used by locals. The oldest mosque in Shanghai was built in 1868. It is known as Fuyou Lu Mosque.

Spring (March-April) and Autumn (October-December)
Shanghai has a  subtropical maritime monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. Each season offers a different travelling experience. However, the best time to travel to Shanghai is Spring or Autumn. Spring is warm and pleasant.

The city remains the best in all seasons mostly in the months of November and December. Weather remains sunny and dry. This is also the best time for night cruising and eating crabs.

The Bund and Peoples Square 
While being in Shanghai, The Bund remains the main touristic attractions. This is the place to see the Shanghai’s skyscraper and the world’s second and China’s tallest building- the Shanghai Tower. Every year thousands of visitors come to enjoy the offerings of the Bund area.

The Bund in itself is a living museum and it’s said that if you have visited Shanghai and not visited the Bund then you have not visited Shanghai. There are many historical building along the Bund that date back to the 18th century. The area is the combination of old and modern architecture. It is more glamorous in evenings.

Cruising on Shanghai River
While walking through The Bund area it would make your trip complete only if you take a cruse on the Shanghai river. Most of the cruses take you on a ride for an hour and you will have enough time to take some of the memorable selfies. On one side you see the old building and on the other side the modern Shanghai is quite evident. The short ride along the Shanghai river is enough to fill your insta-feed for you friends. From her you can also go for a long cruising to Japan.

There are many big and small cruses plying on Shanghai river. It would cost you few thousand bucks to to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable cruse ride in Shanghai.

Coffee at Xin Tian Di
After a short cruising in the Shanghai river you can certainly need some energy boosters and there is no better place than Xin Tian Di. The name means New Sky Earth. It is the old residence area which now has been converted into a tourist hub. Showered with the modern cafe houses thousands of tourists from across the world can be seen roaming along these streets enjoying a great time in the cafe. One can have his saper here or enjoy coffee to boost your energy. The old streets are clean and the air remains filled with texture, taste and aroma of Shanghai.

Buy Souvenirs at Yuyuan Old Street Shanghai
After getting a little rest and coffee energy booster at Xin Tian Di you can move to the another attraction of the city, the old Shanghai. This is the place to enjoy the Chinese architectural market and buy some souvenirs for you friends and family. In this market one can find some of the best and authentic Chinese antique products. This market is a cheapest market in the town but never forget to bargain. 

Shanghainese Dumplings
Its often said in Shanghai that you turn meal into a deal. The reason being all the business deals are held while enjoying the delicious Shanghainese food. There are many delicacies one can enjoy in Shanghai ranging from some of best fish dishes to the famous crabs. But the most delicious and very close to the Shanghainese culture remains dumplings. Fried or steamed, Shanghai dumplings is a cultural experience that makes one addicted. wether its morning, noon or night Shanghai dumplings can be a meal all time.

Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow
Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow or formerly known as Jin Jiang Rainbow Hotel is one of the best hotels in the town. The hotel comes with the best of accommodation and provides all the facilities wether you are solo traveller or on a business tour. Besides the luxurious rooms the hotel has Boardrooms, Body care Bar, Caffe garden and many more activities areas to make your visit a memory. 

Make a wise decision while choosing the flight
There are many Chinese and other international flight operators who would provide you the tickets at the best price. Many flights may be a cheeper price if but they would take you via Hong Kong. So, make a smart choice on budget and time as well
Come Prepared
Make sure you know that there is no google, Facebook, youtube and other social media working in China. So, make sure you already have WeChat and other VPN services active on your phone to keep you connecting with your family and friends
Take a help of local guide
Language is one of the biggest hurdle in Shanghai. Very less people you would come across who would be knowing the English. So, keep a translator app in your phone or the best can be hire a local guide. But definitely that can go little high in budget.



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