6 Things To Know Before You Travel To China

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China is a country where one can find rich ancient culture, tremendous contemporary and historic monuments, incredible cuisine and a lot of places to visit. My recent visit to china made me understand a part of this countries custom and culture.

One can certainly have a fabulous time in any of the Chinese province. But before travelling to this incredible country you should know the customs of this unique culture. Here I am putting together some of the things every traveller should know before crossing over this wonderful country.

Eating with Chopsticks

It’s not necessary to eat with chopsticks but it would certainly stand you out from all if you would ask for forks. But its ok if you eat the way you want to eat your food. At the same time it’s also important that you know the basic etiquette when dining.

Eating with Chopsticks / wikiHow / SilkRouteTraveller
Eating with Chopsticks / wikiHow / SilkRouteTraveller
Take extra cash, don’t expect to use your credit card

Travelling to any foreign country there remain high chances  your plastic card won’t work. It is same when it comes to travelling to China. So, make sure that you take enough exchange before travelling to any of the major city of China.

don’t expect to use your credit card / Lifehack / SilkRouteTraveller
don’t expect to use your credit card / Lifehack / SilkRouteTraveller
The distance between cities is huge

Every one knows China is the most populous country in the world. But it’s a massive country as well. Travelling from one city to another can take you as many as 44 hours in train. So, it won’t be possible to visit Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong all in one weekend. Here lies your careful planning to explore the maximum of any city. You would need enough time and plan it in advance which cities you are going to visit.

Intrepid Travel / SilkRouteTraveller
The distance between cities is huge / Intrepid Travel / SilkRouteTraveller
Chinese is not their language

Language is the biggest huddle when it comes to communication. Most of the people won’t understand your language and rarely you would come across people speaking English.

Even if you may know their language, which we call, Chines but “Chinese” is not a single, unified language. It’s composed of many different dialects, the most common of which include Mandarin and Cantonese. But even within these languages there are several dialects and variations. To overcome from this issue you can use language translation tools and consider buying more than one language guide.

South China Morning Post / SilkRouteTraveller
Chinese is not their language/ South China Morning Post / SilkRouteTraveller
Great wall of China is Big, but you cannot see it from space

China is famous for many things and one among them remains the Great Wall of China. It is the longest wall in the world and is among seven wonders of the medieval world.

While travelling in space one cannot see the wall. The pictures of the wall taken from space are usually captures with professional zoom lens cameras.

Wikipedia / SilkRouteTraveller
you cannot see Great Wall of China from space / Wikipedia / SilkRouteTraveller
No Facebook, Instagram and Google in China

China has put a heavy censorship on Internet. Many foreign sites including Facebook, twitter and Google don’t work here. In case you ant to access all the sites you usually visit in your county, than you have to make sure you download a VPN before coming to China. Otherwise, you can save all your data and post the same once you are back to home. While during your trip you can use WeChat, the most popular social media app in China.

reinformation.tv / SilkRouteTraveller
The distance between cities is huge / reinformation.tv / SilkRouteTraveller

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