10 Dream hotels for Every Book Lover Around the World

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For a book lover books are the only companions they spend most of their time with.  There would be nothing more satisfactory to enjoy your vacation amidst a wide range of books.

Unfortunately, libraries don’t come with beds, but there are some hotels around the world which give travellers the luxury of being surrounded by books.

For the book lovers we have come with some of the great literary hotels across the world. Enjoy the best hospitality and a great time with books.

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, India

Besides experiencing the Nizami grandeur this hotel is the epitome of knowledge. The collection of over 5000 books and  manuscripts make this five star hotel stand out from others.

Taj Falaknuma Palace Hydrabad, India / Indian Eagle / SilkRouteTraveller
Taj Falaknuma Palace Hydrabad, India / Indian Eagle / SilkRouteTraveller
The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

There would be nothing beautiful and exotic than relaxing on a beautiful beach with a good book. You can sit with the author you love to read besides a pool or on a beach all day and enjoy your holidays. This hotel in Thailand is all ready to add all other comforts during your stay.

The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand / Boutique-Resort / SilkRouteTraveller
Library Hotel, New York, USA

Well, wether you are on a business trip or you have come to enjoy the grandeur of United States of America you would love to stay in a hotel which has kept the literature its theme. In this hotel each room has a library arrangements and every guest room is a place to explore individual topics within a varied range of books.

Library Hotel, New York, USA / CNN.com / SilkRouteTraveller
The Alcove Library, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Each room in this hotel feature their own fictional theme and this can be a fabulous abode for a book lover. Here one can enjoy the stay and enjoy the elegance of colonial times.

The Alcove Library, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam / waytogo / SilkRouteTraveller
Book And Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

When you are surrounded with a taste full of books sleeping is certainly a waste of time. When you step into the hotel you forget how days and nights move. You just enjoy your bookshelf beds. This is really heaven for readers.

Book And Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan / Bored Panda
Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In normal hotels you come stay and go back, but this hotel remains more a part in your life even after you have checked out. The rooms are more of an art. Every after five bookcases remains a hidden room. You can just move into the maze to fins your own secret hideways.

Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Boekenkasten / SilkRouteTraveller
Gladstone’s Library, Britain

One of the best hotel with vintage look bedrooms with a collection of 250,000 books. This hotel is a treasure of knowledge.

Gladstone’s Library, Britain / Atlas Obscura / SilkRouteTraveller
Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam

One of the oldest hotels in Amsterdam which has library that maintains the historic feel with dark brown shelves and Empire-style chairs. The hotel has a collection of more than 4000 books. This is a dream hotel of every literature lover.

Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam / luoghidautore.com / SilkRouteTraveller
Il Salviatino, Italy

A hotel with all the modern amenities while still maintaining its historical charm as that of the 15th century. With its plush brown leather couches and timber bookshelves, the library stays true to the hotel’s old-fashioned architecture.

Il Salviatino, Italy / Expressions Holidays / SilkRouteTraveller
Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius

Mauritius is a travellers gateway and if you enjoy your travel with a book in your hand. Than this hotel situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean is the best option. The reading room is well stocked with the wide range of wanderlust and beach worthy novels.

Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius / Constance Hotels & Resorts / SilkRouteTraveller

Next time you happen to travel to any of these countries, head to the featured hotels for a bookish stay.


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