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In the village of Chhatisinhpura in Anantnag district of India-administered Kashmir, lives a Pashtun community. Before the Indian subcontinent was divided and the newly nations India and Pakistan came into existence this community used to come for trade. Many of them settled in Kashmir.

The Pashtuns of Kashmir have their ancestral roots in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have been living in Kashmir  since more than a decade.

There are about 80 thousand people of this community in different areas of Kashmir and we travelled to their one of the regions in South Kashmirs Anantnag district.

This is the month of Ramadan and we came to this village to witness the way Pashtuns prepare and break the fast. We had a special Iftar with the Pashtu community of Kashmir.

A special hand bread usually made on a traditional oven called as Tandoor, many bowels of cooked vegetables, fruit salat and lots of dates to break the fast.

The preparation for the iftar starts quite early and all the women of the family gather together at the traditional over and start preparing Pashtun naan called as Dody in Pashtu language.

Once the bread and other things are ready till than the time to break fast comes close. All the men gather in the mosque and the young boys in the family serve the food inside mosque.

All the food on dastarkhan the sheet spread for dinner or lunch but waiting for the sun to set. As one cannot break the fast till sun sets.

Once the sun set,s Moazin, gives call for prayers, Azan and all the people break the fast. This is a unique and very  spiritual, sacred experience.

The community has lost their contact with their relatives living in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but have kept all their customs and traditions alive. They share all the happiness together. Observer the month of Ramadan together, eat Suhūr  (pre-dawn meal) and have Iftar (breaking fast) together.

Sameer Mushtaq Shot this video for Silk Route Traveller


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