Five places to eat in Indian capital New Delhi

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I have been living in Delhi for more than four years now and there is hardly any place in the city that I would have not explored. In these years I have travelled to almost all the local markets, to taste Delhi’s lavish and luscious food.

What I have learnt in all these years is that in Delhi one can have a great meal at an affordable price. Whether it being the road side choley kulche or the barbecues at Barbeque Nation, Delhi is the place that offers food for every pocket. The food is delicious, full of aroma and definitely appetising. From my personal experience, here are five markets one should visit to have best of non-veg food in the capital!

Old Delhi: the street food capital of India

Surely Old Delhi tops my list. This place has an abundance of outlets offering best non-veg food. There are restaurants, which have a legacy of hundred years or more. You can find variants of same dish at different outlets wether it being the juicy kebabs at Qureshi Kabab or the chicken doused in butter at Aslam Chicken. Streets remain filled and the restaurant are often packed. And jiggling through the lanes to test the delicious food is worth it.

Old Delhi never runs out of delicious food / Ahmad Mukhtiyar
Nizamudin Dargah: where the food is blessed with heavenly aroma

Nezamudin Dargah is a famous religious place in Delhi. Every day hundreds of visitors pay homage to the Sufi saint Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya. In the vicinity of Dargah there are many restaurants and street food outlets selling best of non-veg in the area. Dargah always remains abuzz and the streets are filled with the aroma of food. This is certainly a great place to enjoy the best of non-veg in the city.

Non-Veg with an added flavour and aroma / Ahmad Mukhtiyar
Non-Veg with an added flavour and aroma / Ahmad Mukhtiyar
Malviya Nagar: The taste of Afghan

Delhi is dynamic in all respects and when it comes to food, the city can certainly be called the food capital of India. There are many market places that are famous for certain types of food, and Malviya Nagar- a locality in South Delhi remains famous for Afghan food. Just few hundred meters from the Malviya Nagar metro station is a place called Hauz Rani, which is the hub of Afghan Food. Many Afghan families, which have migrated to India, live in the area and they have started their food outlets. For me this is the best place to enjoy great Afghan food, which again is mostly non-veg.

Afghan cuisions have a style of their own / IndiaTV
Afghan cuisions have a style of its own / IndiaTV
Community Centre NFC: A stop to have chicken momos

In the southern parts of Delhi is a small market place, just next to Jamia Milia Islamia University, which offers a blast of tastes. The place is called as community centre New Friends Colony. Some of the famous restaurants have their outlets in this market place as well. An all time favourite is Al Bake Restaurant. Here one can find some of the ultimate non-veg foods like chicken roll, mutton roll and not to forget shawarma. This market place has a small outlet of momos too where one can find the Delhi’s best momos. This community centre is also on my list where one can surly go to have great dining.

The ultimate taste of chicken Momos (dumplings) is with deadly chilli chutney / HungryForever
The ultimate taste of Momos is with deadly chilli chutney / HungryForever
Lodhi Road: The food lovers paradise

Between the two famous Mughal mausoleums, Humayun’s Tomb and Safdarjung’s Tomb, lies the famous Lodhi Road. This is the place where foodies can find some of the best restaurants of Delhi. The food can be a little heavy on your pocket but the delicacy, aroma and the environ is definitely worth paying little more. Here, a range of restaurants offer almost every type food including Chinese, Continental and western cuisine.

Some delicacies are to be tasted again and again /Ahmad Mukhtiyar
Some delicacies are to be tasted again and again /Ahmad Mukhtiyar

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