5 Things to do at Camp Roxx in Himachal Pradesh

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Deep into the forests of Kangojodi, some seven kms from the main town of Himachal Pradesh, is an offbeat and adventurous site- the Camp Roxx. It is a prefer weekend escapade to relax and take off from the daily works. With fresh air and a stream of water flowing just nearby, it make one to go deep into the nature’s abode.

As you reach the camp you are given a warm welcome by the owners of the place, and all the arrangements are already taken care of. There are adventurous activities to keep you engaged and active till the time you are in the camp. These activities sure kept me busy during my camp stay, but here are other interesting things to do at the Camp Roxx.

Know your colleagues and friends better

A very important thing which I learnt at the camp was that we don’t spend enough time with our family and friends. Even if we are together everyday, alongside daily work pressure, we often forget to go beyond our routine. So this is a great opportunity to keep everything aside and come closer. Here you play, eat and take part in activities as a team; share moments of happiness together. Most importantly you have enough time to talk and bind-up. Surely, with the quality time you spend here you come out fresh in all respects.

Morning session at the Camp / Silkroutetraveller
Take adventurous challenges

The camp is full of adventure activities ranging from Fox Flying, Rope Balancing, River Crossing, Commando Crawling, et al. These will surely get that fear out of you. But make sure all the activities are done under the watchful eyes of the guides, who are well trained and experienced.

Crossing the commando bridge at the camp / Silkroutetraveller
Have fun at camp fire

In every adventure tour particularly in the hills, camp fire is the ultimate adventure. Here at Camp Roxx, they have maintained a dedicated site to sit together in the dark and by the fire. Keep the music loud and show some moves even if you don’t know how to dance. It’s fun!

Bonfire at the CampRoxx / Yatra.com
Bonfire at the CampRoxx / Yatra.com / SilkRouteTraveller
Lets have food together

The camp provides you with a detailed itinerary and the food prepared at the camp is very tasty. I believe that food cooked in the forests come with the taste of its own and cooking the food with nomadic style makes it more delicious. The camp has maintained a big hall where they serve buffet. This is also the place to gossip and tease other colleges, but of course in a harmless and friendly manner.

A delicious food at the camp / untoldtraveltales / Silkroutetraveller
Sleep like a nomad

Inside the forests, sleeping under the open sky is a great idea as mostly in the cities we don’t find stars. So, in the camp you would find the open sky glittering with stars, which will awaken your senses in a sparkling way. But then, as the temperature drops, you have to take refuge inside the hutments at the camp. There are huts that you can share with your friends, which is a cool idea but you can also have one entirely to yourself. The huts are well maintained and come with attaches bath- rooms. In morning you will also be provided hot water to bath.

Under the open sky sleep like a nomad / untoldtraveltales
Under the open sky sleep like a nomad / untoldtraveltales / Silkroutetraveller

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