5 Amazing Travel Gadgets for every Solo Traveller

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Every solo traveller wants to explore the world with his unique way of expeditions and he wants to get the maximum out of his journey. So, to make the travel memorable, hassle free and full of fun technology plays a big role. So here I am quoting 5 gadgets which a solo traveller must carry on his travel, which would certainly enhance his trip experience altogether.

Oaxis Airescale Power Bank Charger for your Travel Gadgets

Airscale- Power Bank Charger with Luggage ScaleAirscale power bank tackles two of the most annoying problems with traveling. One you can weight your luggage and avoid any extra cost for over weight of your luggage. Second your smarts phones, tablets and other electronic devices would never run out of charge. To check baggage weight, it can display either in kilograms or pounds with an accuracy of 0.1kg and 0.2lb respectively. And for charging of mobile phones, AirScale with 6,500mAh battery, can recharge most mobile phones fully for more than 2 cycles. You can purchase it for $59 from the official site Oaxis but yes its a bit expensive.

Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit for your Travel Selfies

Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie KitTaking selfies on your trip is a norm and being a solo traveller you would certainly need a self stick to keep your social media engaged. So, Gorilla Gear selfie kit can be your best companion on your solo trip. This lightweight aluminium selfie stick treat your smartphone like a GoPro! The best part of this gadget remains that you can also use it as a monopod, a miniature tripod or as a smartphone holder. You can surely get this amazing gadget for $25 from Amazon.

Energizer Vision Headlight to go for Adventure Travel

Energizer Vision Headlight to go for Adventure TravelWell, while on your solo trip you certainly follow some adventurous tracks. Many a time you explore those areas where you need hands-free lighting. This is where the Energizer Vision Headlight comes into play. Although it can be use for any outdoor trip or activity. It comes with a high beam of light and can project the light beam up to 30 meters. Its an ideal gadget for hikers. You can tie it on your head and follow your track. This all weather proof gadget come for $11 from Amazon.

A Travel Electronics Organiser to keep your Travel Gadgets Intact

A Travel Electronics Organiser to keep your Travel Gadgets IntactWhether you are on a solo trip or group its likely that you take many of your gadgets with you. But keeping all your gadgets is some time quite difficult. So, get rid of chaos you can put all your tools like electrics accessories, cosmetic brushes etc. into one electronics organiser.  It uses elastic bands to easily contain cords, chargers and all your other loose stuff. It is also ideal for organizing gadgets of various sizes, such as cellphones, chargers, cables, mouse, SD cards, earphones, cards, keys, lipsticks, hairpins, pens, tools. You can purchase it for $17 at Amazon.

Kobert Waterproof Cell Phone Case to take your Solo Travel Next level

Cell phone is an important gadget for every one. For a solo traveller it can be anything like a DSLR. But to make it pro you can turn your smart phone water resistant simply by Kobert’s waterproof case. You can take nice underwater photos without getting affected any of the smart phone functions.  The best part of is for just $10 you are turning your smart phone into water resistant.


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