How to Prepare Your Smart Phone for International Travel

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Whether you are travelling to Middle East, Africa or to European countries your smart phone travels with you.  Its for sure that on vacations its time to get a bit disconnected for some time and focus on the life and living of the country your are travelling to but it doesn’t mean even not to get the directions or keep your friends and family updated on social media.

Earlier it used to be quite complicated and costly also to use your phone abroad. Now the things are different. My recent visit to Sharjah has taught me a lot of things and during the travel most of my documentation was through my phone only. So, here are some of the options to bring your smart phone abroad and be connected even without activating international roaming or getting local SIM cards.

Keep your phone Wi-Fi mode only

The good news is there are most of countries where you will be getting free wifi at airport, public places, restaurants and hotels. So, you can ask for the password or many a time it would be open or the password would be written at the reception of the restaurant. So, keep your phone on airport mode the moment you board the plane and just use the wifi and keep sharing your travel story.

Take your phone to next level

Well if your smart phone has a quite good memory you don’t need any other equipment to document your travel. You can shoot a stunning video on your phone and also take some great pictures. You just need to download some good apps  for editing your video and photos to publish them instantly at different platforms. (my coming blog would be about the best editing apps for smart phone).

Don’t go out of power while exploring the country

Well, we often see that after rigorous use of our phones the battery does not last long. So, to prevent your phone going dead, keep a high capacity power bank in your bag. It would give you ample scoop not to miss any of the best shots while you are exploring the country.

Keep a travel socket in your bag 

While travelling to a different country the biggest issue we face is that that charging plugs we carry are not compatible with their sockets. So, we end up not having our phones charged and also the backup does not last for long. To avoid this situation and keep your phone ready for the next expedition you should carry a travel adapter which is compatible with most of the countries. (I will be writing about the gadgets one should carry while travelling in my coming blog)


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