Six Must Have Street Foods for Tourists in Kashmir

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Kashmir is already gripped in spine chilling cold. Many people across the world would definitely like to visit Kashmir during this season. Especially to enjoy the snow skating on the slopes of Gulmarg which is one of the best snow skating destination in the world. While you are on a visit don’t forget to enjoy the delicious and special type of street foods here in the valley of saints.

There are many things which could be recommended for the tourists and travellers but we have selected six must have street foods which would definitely give you the glimpses of the Kashmiri taste.

Noder Monje: The crispy and hot fitters made of Lotus stems

Hot and crispy Noder Monje/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Nader Monje or Lotus Stems is a unique street food of Kashmir like the French fries. It remains available across the valley, especially at shrines. Scientifically know as Nelumbo Nucifera grows in Dal lake, Wallur Lake and in the other lakes of Kashmir.

The Lotus stems are cut into small pieces and are marinated with the mixture of rice flour and other special kind of ingredients. The mixture is deep fried twice in a big oil pan making it the crispy. It tastes best when served hot with a special turnip chutney.

Basrakh: A special desert of Kashmir

A special desert of Kashmir/Free Press Kashmir

A snow ball shapes sugar desert of Kashmir will make you fall in love with it. The specially prepared street food made from flour mixed with Ghee. Dry fruits sprinkles on it makes it more tasty. One ball of this Kashmir special desert would cost from 20-30 INR. It remains available throughout the year but remain in demand during festivals.

Masal Tchot: Unique Channa Roll 

Masal Tchot
Unique Channa Roll/The Kashmiri Life

Masal Tchot is the Kashmiri version of roll. Somewhat like the egg roll or chicken roll. The roll is filled with the soft and well cooked channa. When you are on rush and hungry. Just grab a Channa roll and you are all set. It tastes delicious with red chilli turnip chutney and a spoon of curd.

Halva Parath: Sweet and salty desert to tingle your taste buds

All set for your platter/Sameer Mushtaq

Halva Parath is one more remarkable desert of Kashmir. Halva, which is made from sooji and is sweet, where as the paratha, which is mostly of 3 feet diameter is made from flour and is salty. Every Kashmiri loves to take the Halva Parath especially when someone visits any shrine.

Gaer Goji: Winter special street food 

Water Chast Nuts
Dried water chaste nuts ready to be tasted/Outlook India/Nasir Kachroo

Gaer Goji or Water Chestnuts remain one of the favourite street food of Kashmir especially during winters. Every Kashmiri enjoys its to its fullest. One can have them raw which has  its own taste but the fried and roasted adds more taste to this special street of the valley.

Tuje or Barbeque: It tastes yummy with multiple chutneys

Without tasting barbecue your trip is incomplete

Being in Kashmir the Barbeque is a must have street food. If you are a non-vegitarion its aroma would definitely have a magnetic effect and its taste would take you taste buds to the next level. Usually served with multiple chutneys  which add more flavours to the dish.



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