Seven Essential Gears for travelling to Hill Stations

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Travelling has become an essential part of everyones life and many people do travel often. Many a times it becomes very difficult in choosing what gears one should carry while travelling particularly to some hill stations.

Visiting hill station is one of my favourite adventures and its important that we are well equipped. Hill stations come with many challenges so here are seven things which you should put in your back pack before you start your journey.

Essential documents like identity card, passport etc.

Weather you are a local or any international tourist you should be very sound when it comes to your documents. May resorts and hotels would not provide you the accommodation if you could not provide them the required documents. So, make sure that when you are packing your back pack you have kept all the necessary documents like your passport, identity card etc.

Warm clothes: Weather can challenge you all the time on Hills

While having all your documents with you and your accommodation is all set. So, now its important you keep your self ready for all the challenges that the hills would offer. So, the very first challenge you may face is the weather of the place. Many a time it would be raining and the temperature would be shivering low. So make sure you have with you warm clothes which may include a warm jacket, woollen sweeter and a rainy jacket.

All these clothes would be life saving things, while you would be following your tracks inside the dense forests.

Camera: Capture each moments of nature

Keeping each moments captured into your camera memory is also an important part of any travel. So do not forget to carry a camera. Its not necessary that you carry a high end camera unless you are a pro. But having one would definitely add more enthusiasm as once you are back and find all the moments captured in high resolution.

Camera for me is one of the important gears for travelling and I would never visit a placewithout keeping one in my backpack. I love capturing all the moments so do all the travellers, which makes it one of the must have gears for any sort of travel.

Extra Batteries and Memory Cards: Never run out of the power and Memory

Having a camera is essential but more important is that your camera works for long. As you never know at what point in time you would find a moment which would be ultimate. Some times you travel for the entire day and at the late hours of your travel you reach a point where you can capture the mesmerising sunset. But through out the day you may have existed the entire battery. So, having extra battery gives your camera more life and you finally come out with moments for life time.

Also, as you would be shooting continuously so its also important that you keep some extra memory cards. Having extra memory card is better than keeping the laptop with you. It will reduce your burden of carrying your laptop and provide you enough memory to capture each and every moment

Mobile phone and power bank: Be connected throughout the travel

Smart phone is an important gear one would never forget in this modern time of communication. But many a times your smart phones could not live longer. So, to make the chance of running out of charge, you must have an extra supply of energy for your mobile as well. So, keep an extra power bank in your back pack. This would definitely help in the times of any misfortune.

While being on any hill station you never knew sometime you may lose the track or any misfortune can happen. At that time having a phone with a maximum power would help. Also, make sure that your battery pack comes with a torch which would also help if you are in the forests after the sun sets. Even, you may use your phone for that purpose as well. But only when your phone has enough power.

Skin Cream: Protect your face from the harshness of the hills

Weather is always challenging at the hills, wether it is the harsh sunlight or the cold waves. In either case keeping a skin cream is always recommended which would not only protect your skin but also keep your skin soft. Here, I am not going to give you the name of any product but what ever you find the best you can keep that in your back pack.

Medicine and first aid kit: Hills often make you sick

Many time people face the high altitude sickness. You may feel nausea, vomiting or headache as you travel to the high altitude. So, the next important thing to keep in your back pack would be the medicines.

Also, you never know if you cut your skin while tracking on the hills. So, having a first aid kit would also be very important to carry.


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