Watch: My travel Journey 2017, from Kashmir to Chennai and Delhi to Sharjah

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Like every year the year 2017 is also leaving with some good and bad notes. But optimism has always been my strength. I believe what comes your way is what is good for you. It may come with a timely sufferings, but than good things do follow.

The year 2017 has given me a new direction and some new destinations have added to my travel experience. I have travelled to some well known  national and international destinations. So, for me 2017 has been a full of fun, joy, adventure but also some hardships, tussles, tensions and stress.

Overall, the year has left with a beautiful memories from the places I visited across the globe and I have tried to put some of those travel moments into this video.

I started my Journey from my home town Kashmir, to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. I have travelled to the Northern states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and not to forget my extensive travel in New Delhi.

My journey took me to Kolkata, Utter Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and lastly I took my debut international journal to the wonderful Arabian city, Sharjah in United Arab Emirates.



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