Five Things to do at Marina Beach Chennai

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Chennai is the all time destination for the travel enthusiasts especially for those who love to spend time at the beaches. Marina Beach is one of the best and the longest beach in India, along the Bay of Bengal stretching to the distance of 6.45 kms. The beach runs from Fort St. George in the north to the Foreshore Estate in the South.

The Marina Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the India and attracts more than 30,000 visitors a day and the rush can go beyond 50,000 visitors on weekends and on holidays.

There are certainly many things one could enjoy at this sandy beach and here are the five best things one could enjoy at this beach.

Having a dip into the salty waters of Marina Beach

Let me hug the ocean with wide open arms/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

On the beach you won’t find any adventure water games like Yatch Ride, Kneeboarding, Water Skiing or Scuba Diving as in Goa, but still there are many other things which can be of equal fun. One of the best thing could be to have a dip into the salty water.

Although, the bathing and swimming is at the Beach are legally prohibited because of the dangers, as the undercurrent is very turbulent. But still if you reach to the beach before sun set you would find many people enjoying the water currents.

Riding the tall and well build horses of Chennai 

A screen walk on Horse back/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

In case you would not be able to enjoy the water currents there are certainly other things which can make your day. One of the best adventurous things one can do is the horse riding.

There are many tall and well build horses which you can rent either for a certain period of time or from one point to the another with a nominal price.

Challenging your pals in the sand volleyball  at Marina Beach Chennai 

Dust and Dawn meeting at Beach/StockPhotos

In case you will travel to Chennai with your friends you can definitely enjoy the trip more and for a team to challenge each other on the sandy turf of volleyball. Beach volleyball is really an adventurous game and can be your the moments of togetherness. The beach being sandy in nature adds more flavour to the trip and makes it more adventurous.

Enjoy the fresh sea food on the Marina Beach Chennai

An evening at Marina Beach and sea food is all what it needs for the day/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Having a thrilling time at the beach would definitely increase your hunger and there is nothing better than having sea food. On the Marina Beach there are variety of fresh fishes which can be served on your platter either fried or roasted.

End the day at Marina Beach by by winning a souvenir

A souvenir shop to test your luck/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

As the day pass in exploring the variants of the beach you could definitely try your luck to win a teddy bear which could be your souvenir from the Beach. This is simple game wherein six steel glasses are piles upon each other and you have through the ball and make sure that in six chances all the glasses should fall. Here is a special gift of big teddy bear, if you can make all the glass fall in one short.


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