A weekend in the woods of Himachal

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The air was high as the news of tour struck to the floor of Alibaba office in Gurgaon. All the minds of the team were on tickle to finalise the destination for the weekend escapade. Many ideas for this excited tour were on offering. Finally, the Himachal Pradesh was chosen, considered it the best option to make the corporate tour a life long memory.

Camp Roxx was the camp site, where 17 different minds from Delhi and Mumbai office were to spend their entire weekend having all the mixed fun together. Every day till the time of arrival each member of the group was putting all their efforts into making the tour a memorable one.

After such a hard work, the day has come when all the 17 members of the video team were in the office with their backpacks ready to strike into the woods. The already made list of items including crates of cocktails and mock-tails, packets of chips and nuts and what not was all ready for the entire journey. Happiness mixed with the imagination of fun was evident on all the faces. Now its time to give some ignition to the engine and motion to the wheels.

And the journey starts 


The journey to the woods of Himachal started from our office at Times Tower Gurgoan with 13 people who were all set to go high in tempo and the other four in a car which was free air zone. The place called the Camp Roxx is some 350 kms from Delhi which takes approximately six hours to reach but we are not in a hurry and the traffic in Delhi slows it further.

Take a break at Amrik Sukhdev

Taste some Paranthas at Amrik Sukhdev/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

While the travel in itself is excited but it makes you tired as well and when its Delhi it double because of its traffic jams. So, coming out of the Delhi gives a relief and one definitely needs a tea break. To get high on tea Amrik Sukhdev can be one of the best places. The place is said was once a Dhaba a typical Indian road side food out let but now the place has turned into a brand in itself with all the sophisticated facilities.

Our vehicle was fast enough to reach the place first and we had no option but to wait for the another vehicle. Till they reached we had a special tea, a small photo session and few puffs of smoke.

The sun has given birth to night 

Paranthas served with pure desi ghee/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

It was already dark as the other vehicle reached to the place so we decided to have the dinner before starting out journey further. The Dhaba is famous for the variety of paranthas with desi Makhan. The best among all the paranthas we had as the paneer paratha a cheese stuffed bread bakes in Owen.

Tummy is full, now get set and move

A delicious dinner sets the mood to go further far

As all the members are all set with the delicious food the next part of the journey starts. In the tempo the fun was touching the sky mixed with smoke and drinks. But in the car our journey was smooth filled with light jokes and mix of romantic music.

Nothing can stop us today/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Enjoying out drive while following the routes on mobile app, which the camp owner was very much against, we crossed the Nahan district of Himachal and finally reached to the land mark provided by the camp owner. We took the root to towards the forests and the dark night made it even more scary.

Excitement at the camp site

Lets have some noise

The camp is situated deep into the forests of Nahan, a place in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The temperature was jaw tickling quite. The camp fire was ready and the party was on. The mood was set, the stars were glittering.

Lets us have some Camp activities 

All set for the adventure/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Having a full night fun than it was not easy to get up early in the morning but than we were not their to sleep. It was too cold. Still every one managed to get ready in time and we were all ready for the camp site activities.

Dare devils cross the commando bridge/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Starting with the ice breaking games, then some thrilling games like climbing the rope wall, crossing the commando bridge and having fun on flying fox. With these activities the day was spend in all the enjoyment with the mix of all types of fun.

The night has once again come afresh 

Together we make the fun larger and memorable

The bonfire was ready to make one more night a memory for the team and it was the last night at the camp. Every one was ready to enjoy it the fullest. The DJ was all set with the best of the party playlist and every one was once again ready to go high. Again the part continued till midnight with complementary drinks and low quality marijuana making some mates fly in the air.

Back to the monotonous life

Woods always welcome you with warmth

Now time has come for this timely happiness to keep into the memory of our cameras and share the stories with friends. The next morning all the mates woke late and as already know bags were packed for the black journey. But before leaving the camp a photo session to keep all the memories locked in the camera.

Good bye gestures… Will be back some day

With smiling facers and the fun we had in our mind we left the camp Roxx with thousands of memories. Not only of the fun but we also came close to each other and understood to some extent our team. It was really an ice breaking tour. We learned a lot and definitely came out with a strong team building.

Stop over at Havali in Karnal 

We never run out of fun with friends

Once again we are back to the monotonous life of New Delhi. But before that we had a delicious dinner at the Haveli in Karnal. Here once can get the authentic Punjabi food. The Punjabi food is definitely incomplete without lassi and here you can get nice salted and sugar lassi.

Lets make it the best lunch together at Haveli/Ahmad Mukhtiyar

Starting from the lassi then to the main course which include Parantha, hand made bread, a special Makay di Roti, Dal Makhni, mixed vegetables and lot more Punjabi delicacies. With the taste of Punjab we started our journey back to Delhi.

From the camp roxx in Himachal to the homes back in Delhi the entire journey was spend with the jokes on each other. The tales of the tour will lost for long…


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