7 countries that Indians can travel to without a visa

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Travelling to some beautiful countries is always a fun and many a times documentation, visa etc becomes a big huddle for planing a visit. But for the Indian travellers there are some countries which are visa free. So, get you back packs ready and make a plan to travel to these beautiful and exotic countries where having Indian passport is enough as you would not be needing any visa. So, here I am quoting 7 visa free countries for Indian travellers.

Mauritius: The country know for its waterfalls, beaches and luxurious resorts

If travel is in your mind and you want a place which has a velvet beaches than Mauritius can be the best fit for you. The place is rightly compared with the heavenly beauty as is famous saying by Mark Twain “God created Mauritius, and then he created heaven”. The tropical waterfalls, powered white beaches and luxurious resorts makes one to fall in love with this place.

Wonderful Mauritius /Mohammed Alnaser

Hong Kong: The Oriental Pearl with a British twist

Hong Kong being one of the favourite destinations for Indian travellers, has many things in offerings from enchanting islands, dazzling Disney village, thrilling and adventurous kayaking.

If you are foodie than this place is definitely for you, as its the one of the worlds top culinary capitals. The city has a vast variety of delicious foods to satisfy your gastronomy desires.

The Oriental Pearl/Wikimedia Commons

Jamaica: Feel al right

Its Jamaica, which makes one feel alright. This Caribbean island with lush green mountains and rain forests would give you a feel of heavens. As you spend your day in the beach side but the nights are more dynamic with hoping light, many restaurents here in Jamaica. With many things in offering Jamaica can be one of your next destination to travel and enjoy the famous Caribbean music reggae.

Feel al right its Jamaica/jauntmagazine

Nepal: A trekkers paradise

As the name Nepal comes to the mind immediately one can imagine the snow clad mountains of Himalayas. This neighbouring country to India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

With some of the best tracking routes in the world the country is called as the trekkers paradise. The view of mountains, astonishing hill villages and the buzzing temples makes Nepal one of the worlds greatest travel destination.

Peaks and clouds of Nepal/Good Free Photos

Bhutan: The land of mystic and magic

Butan, one another Himalayan country which is visa free for the Indian travellers. Its the land of mystic and magic with the dominance of Buddhist culture.  Bhutan being one of the happiest nations in the world and is also famous for its minimum tariff.

If you are fan of the monuments and want to take a close look of the Buddhist traditions and cultures than Bhutan is the perfect place for you to explore. Here, the snow clad mountains kiss the clouds and the rays of sun on the Cristal clear water make a charismatic scenic view.  The land where the enchanting monks covered are always in welcoming you  and giving each visitor a feel of friendlyness.

The land of mystic and magic/Wikimedia Commons

Maldives: lets have a holiday of life time

A place where people welcome you with a smile, where the white-white beaches give you a soothing touch and where underwater world is amazing. Maldives, is tropical nation composed of 1000 islands.

The country offers the best of resorts, beach activity and most recently the country has welcomed the independence travellers to stay among the locals and enjoy the local cushions, know the local traditions. Maldives is also a visa free country for the India passport holders. Spending your holidays in this island nation wold be one of the best memories for lifetime.

lets have a holiday of life time /Good Free Photos

Jordan: The treasure of monuments

Jordan, an Arabian nation is know for it hospitality also is a visa free destination for Indian citizens. The people have been travelling to this land from centuries because of its world heritage cites.
Jordan used to be the centre of all the caravans travelling to and from different countries and each leaving its traces behind which is why the country has Roman amphitheatre, Crusader castles and Christian mosaics, making it the travellers dream place.
The treasure of monuments / Wikimedia Commons


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